girth of graph

girth of graph
1) Математика: обхват графа
2) Макаров: обход графа

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  • Girth (graph theory) — In graph theory, the girth of a graph is the length of a shortest cycle contained in the graph.[1] If the graph does not contain any cycles (i.e. it s an acyclic graph), its girth is defined to be infinity.[2] For example, a 4 cycle (square) has… …   Wikipedia

  • Graph homomorphism — Not to be confused with graph homeomorphism. In the mathematical field of graph theory a graph homomorphism is a mapping between two graphs that respects their structure. More concretely it maps adjacent vertices to adjacent vertices. Contents 1… …   Wikipedia

  • Graph coloring — A proper vertex coloring of the Petersen graph with 3 colors, the minimum number possible. In graph theory, graph coloring is a special case of graph labeling; it is an assignment of labels traditionally called colors to elements of a graph… …   Wikipedia

  • Girth (disambiguation) — The girth of an object is a measurement around it. It is sometimes used by postal services and delivery companies as a basis for pricing. For example, Canada Post requires that an item s length plus girth not exceed a maximum allowed value. [cite …   Wikipedia

  • Glossary of graph theory — Graph theory is a growing area in mathematical research, and has a large specialized vocabulary. Some authors use the same word with different meanings. Some authors use different words to mean the same thing. This page attempts to keep up with… …   Wikipedia

  • Moore graph — Unsolved problems in mathematics Does a Moore graph with girth 5 and degree 57 exist? In graph theory, a Moore graph is a regular graph of degree d and diameter k whose number of vertices equals the upper bound An equivalent definition of a Moore …   Wikipedia

  • Odd graph — The Petersen graph as an odd graph O3 Vertices Edges …   Wikipedia

  • Chvátal graph — Named after Václav Chvátal Vertices 12 Edges 24 …   Wikipedia

  • Cage (graph theory) — In the mathematical area of graph theory, a cage is a regular graph that has as few vertices as possible for its girth.Formally, an ( r , g ) graph is defined to be a graph in which each vertex has exactly r neighbors, and in which the shortest… …   Wikipedia

  • Hypohamiltonian graph — In the mathematical field of graph theory, a graph G is said to be hypohamiltonian if G does not itself have a Hamiltonian cycle but every graph formed by removing a single vertex from G is Hamiltonian.HistoryHypohamiltonian graphs were first… …   Wikipedia

  • Levi graph — infobox graph name = Levi graph image caption = The Pappus graph, a Levi graph with 18 vertices formed from the Pappus configuration. Vertices labeled with single letters correspond to points in the configuration; vertices labeled with three… …   Wikipedia

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